Passenger vehicle tires  

up to 17 "                                                  $4.00 each or $180.00/ton

17-22"                                                       $8.00 each or $180.00/ton

(car and pickup truck tires) 


Medium to Heavy Duty truck tires                  $5.50 each or $180.00/ton 

(Hooklift or Triaxle)


Mixed loads are charged                               $180.00/ton


Off road tires                                               $35.50/tire or $240.00/ton

(Tractor or heavy equipment tires)  

Shredded tires require a form "U" from D.E.P.

The above prices are without rim. If the tire is still on the rim add $10.00 to above prices for each passenger tire and $20.00 for each truck tire with rim.  Prices are subject to change at anytime.

Permits are  required for loads containing more than 12 tires!  


All loads require a Waste Tire Manifest !