About Northern Tier Greens

    Northern Tier Greens Greenhouse located on Route 6 in Troy, Pennsylvania uses a portion of waste heat from Northern Tier Solid Waste Authority’s (NTSWA) electric generating facility. NTSWA generates electricity from the decomposing garbage which in turn runs a CAT3520 engine. From the engine, NTSWA is able to operate Northern Tier Greens, a 14,400 square foot hydroponic greenhouse. The greenhouse uses a number of unique approaches to commercially grow lettuce type crops and herbs 365 days per year.

      The greenhouse is constructed with four raised beds. Each bed grows enough lettuce to support our constant demand. From seed to harvest takes approximately 30-35 days.

Northern Tier Greens has a large variety of greens from Pak Choi to Basil and Cilantro to many different lettuces. See below for a product list as well as pricing. All of our greens are USDA Certified and are free of pesticides and herbicides.

Have questions or would like to see our state of the art Greenhouse? Contact   Josh Strohl at 570-297-0724 or ntgreens@ntswa.org today to schedule a tour!