NTSWA Construction / Demolition Landfill (Landfill #1)

NTSWA Landfill #1The present day NTSWA Construction/Demolition (C/D) Landfill is situated on a 263.5 acre tract of land located in Hamilton Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania.

While previously a municipal waste landfill, on April 13, 1994, the site re-opened as a natural renovation landfill for acceptance of approved construction and demolition wastes only. The area fill and trench fill methods are being used under permit guidelines to landfill these wastes.

This site is also the location of the NTSWA's Tioga County Transfer Station, where all municipal wastes are transported to NTSWA Landfill #2, Bradford County.

Monday - Friday: 8:00am-4:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am-12noon

NTSWA respectfully requests that you give yourself sufficient time to unload your waste by the close of business.

540 Old Bloss Road
Blossburg, Pa 16912

Email: tcbloss@ntswa.org