NTSWA Gas To Energy Program

Caterpillar 3520 Landfill Gas EngineThe Northern Tier Solid Waste Authority (NTSWA) manages landfill gas at their Landfill located in West Burlington Township, Bradford County.

Decomposing garbage creates gases that are extracted through a series of over 80 wells and other collection points throughout the disposal fields. This gas is diverted either to a landfill gas flaring system or an engine to produce electricity that are located near the Leachate Treatment Facility.

NTSWA is directly partnered with PPL Renewable Energy, LLC, of Allentown, Pa., a generator and distributor of energy. Through this project, NTSWA has installed a Caterpillar Model 3520 reciprocating engine that produces 1,600kWh of electricity. Approximately 1,500 kWh is sold back to the grid while 100 kWh is used to power onsite facilities. These facilities include: the leachate treatment facility, greenhouse and truck garage.