NTSWA Board Of Directors and Staff

The Authority is made up of three (3) representatives from each of the three (3) counties of Bradford, Tioga and Sullivan. The commitment from these individuals is unsurpassed. The success of the Northern Tier Solid Waste Authority can be attributed to the dedication and commitment of its Board Members.

Bradford County

Dennis Chaffee Alston Teeter Jack Walter
Dennis Chaffee
Asst. Chairman
Alston Teeter
Jack Walter

Tioga County

Dayton Mitstifer Daniel Strausser George Lloyd
Dayton Mitstifer
Daniel Strausser George Lloyd

Sullivan County

Robert Woodhead Richard Smith Clair Black
Robert Woodhead Richard Smith
Clair Black
Assistant Secretary/Treasurer

Kenneth Palmer Martin Beck Christopher Lantz
Kenneth Palmer
Emeritus Director
Martin Beck
Emeritus Director
Christopher Lantz


Scot Sample Lloyd Bailey Dan Short
Scot Sample
Executive Director
Lloyd Bailey
Bradford County Operations Manager
Dan Short
Tioga County Operations Manager


Ryan Machmer Kay Calaman Leigh Twoey
Ryan Machmer
Environmental and Regulatory Compliance Manager
Kay Calaman
Financial Manager
Leigh Twoey
Recycling Coordinator


Josh Strohl    

Josh Strohl
Northern Tier Greens